We at Salon de Demain have enjoyed such a successful relationship with the community, and it's not lost on us the privilege we have working with all of you. In recognition, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the world. Our most recent effort is our partner program with Locks of Promise, a charity working to give wigs and other hair accessories to those in need.

About Our New Partner

Carry Applusk at Salon Utile in Nantes, CA

Locks Of Promise was established in 2014 by long-time local and Salon de Demain alumni Carry Applusk. Carry attended the Nantes School of Cosmetology here in town, and after several years of dedicated training became a master stylist. At the same time, she was traveling extensively doing volunteer and non-profit work with marginalized populations. Eventually, she decided she needed to become more involved. She decided to create her own outreach organization based here in Nantes so that she can help folks of all types of backgrounds and abilities feel their best. While we were all sad to see Carry leave Salon De Demain's day-to-day operation, we couldn't be more inspired by her and are excited to support her on her journey.

Here's The Deal

When you purchase any of the products from our Locks of Promise collection, prominently featured at the entrance to Salon De Demain, we donate 30% of the revenue to Locks of Promise. It is our hope that with our continued support, Carry will be able to help more people, and garner even more support so that anyone in Nantes can get the hair care they need.

Locks of Promise doesn't stop at donations of goods - they're hosting a fully operational salon!  In her work, Carry saw just how difficult getting new opportunities can be when people are already too focused on your appearance in a first impression. From job interviews to loan applications, Locks of Promise is there to help folks present themselves how they wish. Anyone can come to 123 Cass Street in Nantes, CA to receive hair care from stylists volunteering their time. Several Salon De Demain Stylists are already taking shifts - come see what it's all about!

How You Can Help

Are you hooked? Are you ready to do more? That's how we felt, too.

To see how you can volunteer, please visit Locks of Promise at locksofpromised.com/getinvolved/volunteer.

To donate, please visit Locks of Promise at locksofpromised.com/donate.

To get in touch and learn more, visit Locks of Promise at their homepage, on social media @locksofpromise, or by calling 555-555-5555.

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