Charcoal Lightening Powder

Hair Color
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  • About

    • Up to 7 Levels of Lift
    • Natural Built-in Bond Builder
    • Reduce Toxins With Activated Charcoal Powder
    • Enhanced With Low Ammonia
    • Ultimate Antioxidant Protection
    • on and Off Scalp
  • How to use

    Mix 1 part Ultra Lift Power to 2 Parts Enzyme Cream Activator

  • Ingredients

    While superior performance is consistent interchangeable botanical sources may be selected, for exact ingredient listing please refer to bottle label.

    Potassium Persulfate Ammonium persulfate Sodium silicate SodiLtm metasilicate Sodlum Persulfate Malze Starch Ethylhexyl Pela rgonate Sodium Stearate Hyd roxyethyl Cellu lose Sucrose Hydrated Silica Fumed Silica EDTA Kaolin Xanthan Gum Perfume Alginic acid Charcoal Rice Bran Oil Babasu Oil Amarnth Oil Moringa Oil Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

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